Searching the Database

Basic Search:
The search term is compared to the 'RNAi ref', 'ORF ref' and phenotype text description fields (Experiment: comments. Publication: functionAffected, proPhenotype, bsfPhenotype) in the database. These are automatically searched with wildcards, such that entering 'plast' would match both kinetoplast and cytoplast.
Advanced Search:
The advanced search is constructed on an 'AND' basis. Therefore narrowing the search is a matter of selecting more variables. Phenotype text description fields are the same as in basic search (Experiment: comments. Publication: functionAffected, proPhenotype, bsfPhenotype)
All phenotypes which differ from the wildtype can be retrieved through the 'Get All Abnormal' link.


TrypanoFAN is a community action effort, and committed to ensure equitable treatment of data and materials for all individuals.   Constructs can be obtained from Dr Mark Field (Cambridge).   Please see the TrypanoFAN manual for more details and who to contact for specific biological material, reagents or further details.

TrypanoFAN: Terms and conditions

Use of the resource is at your own risk and we strongly advise that users verify data themselves prior to embarking on more advanced study. Access to the service is available free of charge for ordinary use in the course of not for profit research. The raw data must not be used for direct commercial gain without prior consent.

The reproduction or representation of any of the data should be referenced as follows:
Data included in this publication were obtained from the T. brucei functional genomics website, which is supported by the Wellcome Trust and published in Subramaniam et al (2006) Eukaryotic Cell 5, 1539-1549.

Please contact Mark Field for further information.

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