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TrypanoFAN - Trypanosoma brucei Functional Genomics Project

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29 May 2009: TrypanoFAN data integration: geneDB is working to integrate text data from the TrypanoFAN RNAi knockdown project. At the moment, RNAi phenotype descriptors (and possibly some phenotype classifications) in use on the geneDB site are different to those presented here. Both sets of descriptors are under discussion and refinement - changes made to TrypanoFAN descriptors will be noted here. The data and phenotype descriptors & classifications at this site remain the definitive version.

Oct-2007: This is a new implementation of the TrypanoFAN database.  Phenotype classifications have been updated to match Subramaniam et al, 2006. Corresponding phenotype text descriptions have also been updated. Additionally, a very small number of Subramaniam et al (2006) phenotype classifications have been revised. All updated and revised entries are annotated as updated or revised in the comments section of the "displayFullRecord" page.  

The T.brucei functional genomics project (TrypanoFAN) aims to utilise the information from the T.brucei genome project to produce a research resource and systematic collection of mutants by targeted gene inactivation using RNAi.  For each mutant a simple standardised functional characterisation is performed and it is hoped that subsequent clustering of the data will show further relationships between uncharacterised genes.  TrypanoFAN Phase I (chromosome I) is now completed.

T.brucei RNAi data, parsed from available publications, is available to be searched in the TrypanoFAN database.  To see all the publications click here.

A publication summarising the data served here is available:  Subramaniam, C., Veazy, P., Redmond, S., Hayes-Sinclair, J., Chambers, E., Carrington, M., Gull, K., Matthews, K., Horn, D., and Field, M.C. (2006).  Chromosome-wide analysis of growth and viability in the African trypanosome by RNAi.  Eukaryotic Cell 5, 1539-1549.

Please contact us with questions, requests for materials, suggestions and comments:

Mark Field
The Molteno Building
Department of Pathology
Tennis Court Road
Tel: 01223 333734

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TrypanoFAN is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

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